Thursday, 5 January 2012

Incy wincy spider....

As I always say...My lil angle the biggest inspiration for the most of my work...two days back Harshi was murmuring about honey bee, ant, spider...(i guess she was taught about insects in school) she keeps on bugging me all 24*7...keeps on asking me so many she was asking me...what is the difference between..honey bee,..spider, ant...luckily these days Honey bee is the evening visitor in my house..when I put on balcony lights near tulsi plant for evening puja....spider at the corner of my utility since just 1 week back we were out of station..spider has created web over ants keep visiting often due to my white periwinkle flower plant affection they have got...insects apart.....while showing the web of idea clicked to my mind...I have just tried to put it on written....i.e a warli spider web..

Harshi was very happy looking at this spider web...:)..I am sure spiders she will never forget now onwards...I have used blue acrylic on light greenish blue fabric. I have given a highlighting effect for web boarder using silver color 3D glitter. One can frame this painting using white or blue framing boarder to give a bright look to this painting.
Dimensions: 32cm H x 20 cm W
Guys, how is it?..Did u like it?...Please put your valuable feedback on it. I just love to read it :)
Happy blogging....


  1. Beautiful work and beautiful blog Appu :) - Jyoti

  2. This is cute Aparna...I am pretty sure Harshi ne'er forget what she has learnt from it. The usage of glitter has given a nice effect to it.

  3. Great work. I like the concept <3