Monday, 30 January 2012

Boarder Effect on Traditional Warli

Hi friends :), Hope you all had a gr8 last weekend. I too enjoyed the weekend with some guest visiting our home last week. Currently busy in spending time with them. Hence I will put few words here and describe more about some of my past work. I always admire the simplicity and power behind it which Warli has got :). However, as I said creativity and imagination knows No boundaries- No Boarders. The work which I am going to share has major of traditional warli effect in it. However, I have tried to add the contrast boarder colors in it.

It has got traditional farming/ harvesting theme of warli. I wanted to explore the thought such as..."how just few colours at few place with traditional warli will effect". So I tried to put orange/brown contrast boarder in it. On top of it warli boys are running/ dancing tarpa.
I have tried contrast boarder concept with one more traditional warli theme.

In this painting warli girls are doing domestic works. Such scene occurs in warli life in a day when warli boys have gone out for work and warli girl taking care of babies, in-house duties etc. I have tried yellow-orange kinda contrast boarder effect on it. 
As of now, I have met some art lovers, some of them loved just traditional warli more, some of them loved the modern warli more. I hope with such mix of modern and traditional, art lovers from both the class will be satisfied :).
The painting is done on off-white color fabric with acrylic colors on it.
Dimension: 22cm H x 25 cm W
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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for visiting my blog & sharing your words..
    I haven't tried silk paints with acrylic paints , I have done my work with water based silk paints!

  2. This borders looks more appealing to ur painting :)

  3. Really nice...loved the contrast in both the paintings. The second one is a bit more appealing than the first.
    Wonderful Warli paintings too. The borders just added life to it.
    Keep it up:)))

  4. The animals ploughing the field on Warli was super kewl... Am loving this blog for all the variety that you are bringing in with Warli. It would be really interesting to see some modern contemporary Warli paintings... Will look forward to it !

    - Somu

  5. @Deepa, Somu- Thank u for the love & appreciation, it is quite inspiring for me to do more good work :)

  6. The one with the colourful borders has my heart.. really!! Gorgeous!!

  7. beautiful work..i just loveee warli..yours is a very creative and unique approach!
    glad to follow you :)