Sunday, 1 January 2012

Colorful tarpa sequence

Hi everyone! I wish you all a very happy new year....Thank you all for showing all the love for my earlier start up paintings in last posts.
After a fresh X-mas vacation spent with my dear aai-baba at Mumbai, I have done this painting, as a start of this year. This has Tarpa dance as a theme decorated with women dancing on blue background and men dancing surrounding to it on red background. I love those red and blue contrast color combo. I have decorated boarder with mirror. However one can go framing it with this boarder or just a plane red/ blue boarder framing on top of mirror work (hiding mirror boarder).
Paintings is done on off-white color fabric using acrylic colors.
Dimensions: 26cm H x 22 cm W 


  1. very nice blog on worli
    all the best

  2. Hello Aparna

    This is Beautiful! As u said loved the red-blue contrast! I love the Tarpa dance and the image that forms from the unity. Loved your other Warli art as well.
    Best Wishes!!!

  3. Happy Newyear the theme u have selected for painting is fabulous...Spendidddddd thought

  4. Thank u Kala for all the love..:)