Thursday, 22 December 2011

Warli wall in my house

There was a free space available near the crockery unit in my house. I thought of decorating it with my paintings. All of them have Tarpa dance in common.  

About Tarpa dance/ nritya
It is traditional festival warli dance. The dance performances are usually done on moonlit nights. With the musical accompaniment of a wind instrument named Tarpa, the dancers encircle the ‘Tarpakar’ and they dance past mid night. The dance performed by the villagers is a true mirror to their unity and coordination. All the participants join hands and swing in circles while singing themselves.

I have purposely kept irregular, maroon color fabric boarder, which give sort of natural effect to the side paitings. Painting is done on wood, fabric with acrylic colors.


  1. Oh gosh.. Love how you've taken the pain to explain in detail.. I totally love Warli.. but am not as good as you... You rock!! :-)

  2. Hey u r the great Patricia..I am just fan of your blog...and your posts..:)..thank you for all your love..:)

  3. Hi Aparna,

    Just came by your blog. Its absolutely amazing.Pls visit my page Ruby's Palette on FB. Would love to hear your comments.