Thursday, 22 December 2011

Tree of life

Nature is considered as mother by the Warlis. Trees are central to their lives. In traditional tree of life concept of warli, people are depicted around the tree in a circular manner.
However, I have painted just a warli tree and a little warli Krishna (Hindu God), sitting in the shade of it. Krishna is playing flute and his cow is amused with the music. To give a 'Krishna' effect to this paiting, I have used greenish blue colour bead with glittering 3D outlined to his crown. Cow has a bell in the neck. I have used 3D gloden glitter to highlighten it. Painting is done on bright yellow color fabric with brown acrylic color.
Warli Krishna theme-
For any woman, once she becomes a mother many of her choices in her life gets molded as per the likings of her kid. I was not the exception for the same theory, my daughter is a big fan of little krishna, an animated serial comes daily on cartoon network. Now a days, this krishna time on TV has become a her happy breakfast time. When it comes to her eating, I never do any compromises provided she is eating healthy homemade food. Hence I also started watching little krishna with her. Slowly, even I became a great fan of little krishna. This gave  me an idea about...making Warli Krishna in my paintings! Soon I will post some more warli krishna paintings.   
Dimensions: 30cm H x 35 cm W


  1. very impressive!! Love the peacock feature.. ;-)

  2. First of all, thanks for visiting my blog. Your way of depicting tree of life is lovely. I am trying soon to draw in my own way, but may not turn out as beautiful like yours...

    1. Thanks Vasudha for beautiful words :)..I wish u all the luc for ur further paintings...