About Me


I am Aparna, a freelance consultant, former software techie cum artist who loves making modernized warli paintings.
I was fortunate enough to get a chance to learn traditional warli art straight from the warli artist of tribal region of Maharashtra, during my college days. Being a follower of a simplicity, I became passionate about warli paintings. This blog is a medium for my passion of making warli paintings. Slowly reaching to the step where I can put some more in this warli field from my own findings i.e Modernized warli.
Also while exploring one art, I may fall in love into another. This blog is also about exploring other forms of arts, DIYs.

About my blog

The Warlis are an ancient agricultural tribe in the Maharashtra-Gujarat belt, who worshiped the nature as their mother. Their work depicted day-to-day life and was usually done on their hut walls.

Traditional Warli art is made with just 2 shapes : Circles, triangles, and lines. Their drawings seem to bring the activity they depict out in the real. Traditional warli paintings are done on earthen color background, made up of cow-dung with white color paste, made up of rice powder. 

However Creativity knows no boundaries, I have started exploring warli with different combination of background in terms of variety of colors, types of materials, new warli themes. Finally I decided to create my own blog, warli-soul to share my experience and outcomes of paintings.


  1. Hi Aparna,

    I noticed that your tutorial on nameboard is created as a page and not as a post...

    There are few disadvantages to this... If someone subscribes to your RSS feed, they will not be updated of whatever gets into pages..

    In my Google Reader am not able to see the tutorial just for this reason...

    You can instead update your tutorial as just another blog post and create labels / tags (eg tutorial) and provide links to the tags...


  2. Oh! I didn't notice it..rather a beginner to blogging I was unaware of it. Thank u Somu for pointing to it. I have now created a post for this tutorial linking to tutorial page from it.

  3. u have a nice blog here aparna....thank u for ur kind words to my blog and work.....keep visiting!


  4. Dear Aparna,
    Anyone can see you are a talented lady. I am very much impress with both your words and your paintings. Don't ever HIDE such a talent from the world. Wish you could do my picture (smile).

    1. Thank u Andy for the kind words :) for my work :)

  5. Aparna Thank you for dropping by and leaving your sweet words.You have such a awesome blog yourself.Enjoyed browsing through them today.Thanks a lot for following me and am also signing up to follow you back.Waiting to see more Warli adventures from you :)

    1. Thanks Sarmistha..I really enjoyed ur DIYs :) very creative and easy ones :)

  6. Hi Aparna,
    This is Asha, I am a craft and art lover. at presnet trying to learn things on my own, as am in Australia and have no classes here and when in past was in India coudln't afford it, so now I trying my hands own few things, so here I am to request you a favour if you can give me few steps of how to do warli paintings for begginer will be of great help, from waht I am reading it uses rice flour paste and with few tutorials they aren't using the paste so from what I have interpreted is draw it and paint it, so can you kindly guide me.


    1. Hi Asha,
      Sorry for delayed reply as I was away from blog for some years. Traditional warli art is done on cow-dung background with rice paste. However, as a beginner you can try with similar color texture...like ...brown/white acrylic or water color on any handmade paper. Warli art is quite simple. One can get many shapes to learn on web itself.
      However simplicity has many extensions so you can even express your own imagination in terms of warli further.

  7. My eamil id is dear2asha@yahoo.com

  8. Hello Aparna,

    I liked the way you have explored this art :)