Monday, 30 January 2012

Boarder Effect on Traditional Warli

Hi friends :), Hope you all had a gr8 last weekend. I too enjoyed the weekend with some guest visiting our home last week. Currently busy in spending time with them. Hence I will put few words here and describe more about some of my past work. I always admire the simplicity and power behind it which Warli has got :). However, as I said creativity and imagination knows No boundaries- No Boarders. The work which I am going to share has major of traditional warli effect in it. However, I have tried to add the contrast boarder colors in it.

It has got traditional farming/ harvesting theme of warli. I wanted to explore the thought such as..."how just few colours at few place with traditional warli will effect". So I tried to put orange/brown contrast boarder in it. On top of it warli boys are running/ dancing tarpa.
I have tried contrast boarder concept with one more traditional warli theme.

In this painting warli girls are doing domestic works. Such scene occurs in warli life in a day when warli boys have gone out for work and warli girl taking care of babies, in-house duties etc. I have tried yellow-orange kinda contrast boarder effect on it. 
As of now, I have met some art lovers, some of them loved just traditional warli more, some of them loved the modern warli more. I hope with such mix of modern and traditional, art lovers from both the class will be satisfied :).
The painting is done on off-white color fabric with acrylic colors on it.
Dimension: 22cm H x 25 cm W
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Monday, 23 January 2012

Warli Krishna Series1

Hello all :). Last weekend I visited my friend Francis's shop Colour Mantra to click the framed painting of mine. This was the long pending task in my mind since month, finally I was able to finish it of. As I promised in my one of the last post Tree of Life about coming back of my lil Warli Krishna :). Yes guys, my visit to Colour Mantra was for those clicks.

In this painting, Warli Krishna is sitting under a tree in different posture and playing a flute. A sequence of Warli girls and boys are playing Dandiya/ Dandiya Raas around him

About Dandiya- It is the traditional folk dance from Vrindavan, India. It is the featured dance of Navaratri evenings in Western India.

I have used peacock feather acrylic colors, mirror bead and 3D-outlining glitter for Krishna effect. 3D- outlining glitter is also used for warli girls' hairsticks and dandiya stick, to give a rich traditional effect.

The painting is drawn on off-white color fabric. All acrylic colors are used in it.
Dimensions: 30cm H x 35 cm W 

I would also like to share some framing gyan which I got from Francis :).

As shown in above pics, framing should be done with MDF kind of board at the backside. It should be framed such that the board at the back should be visible and appear at the back. We can see a small thickness projection appearing from side of the board. This increases longevity of frame and durability of paintings.
So friends did you enjoy Warli Krishna Raas Lila from my painting :)?
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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Green Thumb Yoga

My last year gym membership has got over in Dec 2011. Since I was too lazy, till now I have not renewed it..Just enjoying this gym timing (Harshi's small lil school time) these days. However Subodh (Hubby) couldn't spare my lazy happiness ;)....Being an AOL (Art of Leaving) follower, he is just behind me to at least start with yoga inside home to not to distort my figure..;).
I always hate working under someones pressure...though it is making a code/design during SAP days under my manager or thesis making under my guide during IIT days or learning new recipe with timeline under my mom/MIL or working out yoga under the guidance of hubby :). However, while learning the types of Pranayams from Subodh, I have started enjoying his attention and slowly started loving his indirect care for my health :)...Yes now a days, I am waking up early morning not for making breakfast, lunchbox but for doing Yoga for myself. I just love this pampered time of half an hour for myself. So thought of sharing this feeling through this Green Thumb Yoga painting with you guys :)

I have made a tree of life concept of warli in this painting. Being a nature lover I wanted to make a green tree since long time and just fulfilled my wish in this way :). For the colour combination concept such as dark and light shades of green for leaves and red coluor for flowers, I was inspired by Patricia's one of the post about wall art in Madhya Pradesh
The tree shows the togetherness between two different trees such as X-mas tree shaped tree (light green) upon which money plant like small tree (dark green with red budding flowers) is crawling. They are so much engrossed with each other that it is very difficult to identify them. Leaving it's foot print on the trunk of main tree (half circles painted with blue on trunk)

As a beginner in Yoga, I have just started doing types of Pranayamas. However I have drawn the warli boys doing yogasanas under this tree. I wish I could also get a chance to do yoga under a Green tree like this sometime...:)

Dimensions: 58cm H x 30 cm W
I have drawn painting on canvas using acrylic colours. So was it refreshing, did it give a green soothing to your eyes? Do share with me about it :)

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Peep into my doors! Not a warli this time...

Just thought of sharing one of my handmade stuff with you guys....
We have been shifted to our own house since 3.5 years. Since that time I was in search of a unique nameplate for my door with special personal touch. I am the person who loves to decorate her home with personal feel at almost each corner of the house. I guess that is why I take much time to fill in things in my house....I found hardly such a nameplate which can give a kinda aura when someone enters to my home...Hence I gave up an idea of buying nameplate and thought of creating one on my own....
Luckily some leftover stuff from Subodh's (my hubby) hardware kit had some plastic plywood kinda sheet, m-seal, araldite...I thought such things are OK to start with a nameplate..offcourse my drawer is full of acrylic colors, beads and brushes....

I have cut the plastic sheet with the dimension which I found suitable for nameplate on my door. An acrylic color of earthen (warli background color left over) was applied on it. It was allowed to let it dry for some time. Acrylic colors doesn't take much time to dry..that's why I love them to use...:)
Further with m-seal,...(unfortunately I had grey, black m-seal which is used for plumbing work, rather white is best for making some artistic mould like)...I made Ganesha and snail. Black m-seal gets dried up soon...hence one need to be fast with shape molding. Ganesha was colored with golden brown and snail was colored with green, yellow and black. Please use talcum powder while making such articles with m-seal. I have applied mirror like beads on the snail's tail. Both the things were stuck on colored plastic sheet with araldite. I allowed it to dry for some time. Meanwhile I made letters for our surname with m-seal, which were stuck on plastic sheet using araldite. Then the alphabets were colored.

Also I made a boarder on nameplate using m-seal and colored with yellow acrylic. I purposely used irregular shape of alphabets to give a natural, artistic look. One can use stencils if they want proper alphabates.
How is the nameplate? Did you guys like it? Please put your helpful feedback on the same. I would love to read it..:)
I hope you guys njoyed reading tutorial too.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Incy wincy spider....

As I always say...My lil angle the biggest inspiration for the most of my work...two days back Harshi was murmuring about honey bee, ant, spider...(i guess she was taught about insects in school) she keeps on bugging me all 24*7...keeps on asking me so many she was asking me...what is the difference between..honey bee,..spider, ant...luckily these days Honey bee is the evening visitor in my house..when I put on balcony lights near tulsi plant for evening puja....spider at the corner of my utility since just 1 week back we were out of station..spider has created web over ants keep visiting often due to my white periwinkle flower plant affection they have got...insects apart.....while showing the web of idea clicked to my mind...I have just tried to put it on written....i.e a warli spider web..

Harshi was very happy looking at this spider web...:)..I am sure spiders she will never forget now onwards...I have used blue acrylic on light greenish blue fabric. I have given a highlighting effect for web boarder using silver color 3D glitter. One can frame this painting using white or blue framing boarder to give a bright look to this painting.
Dimensions: 32cm H x 20 cm W
Guys, how is it?..Did u like it?...Please put your valuable feedback on it. I just love to read it :)
Happy blogging....

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Colorful tarpa sequence

Hi everyone! I wish you all a very happy new year....Thank you all for showing all the love for my earlier start up paintings in last posts.
After a fresh X-mas vacation spent with my dear aai-baba at Mumbai, I have done this painting, as a start of this year. This has Tarpa dance as a theme decorated with women dancing on blue background and men dancing surrounding to it on red background. I love those red and blue contrast color combo. I have decorated boarder with mirror. However one can go framing it with this boarder or just a plane red/ blue boarder framing on top of mirror work (hiding mirror boarder).
Paintings is done on off-white color fabric using acrylic colors.
Dimensions: 26cm H x 22 cm W