Friday, 23 December 2011

Warli with Gurjari

Being a handicraft lover, I keep visiting such places. While visiting such place some days ago, I came across some Gurjari paintings which has mirrors to brighten up its look.Such gurjari paintings always attracted me, as it has a colorful appearance. This made me think why not do such things with warli.

This painting is done on a light orange color fabric with its contrast colors such as dark brown, green and bright yellow on top of it. Center of painting cover Tarpa dance theme. I have used mirrors to highlighten the drum of Tarparkar (person playing with drum) and flags/ sticks carried by boarder warlis. I have used acrylic colors in it.
Dimensions: 42cm H x 28 cm W

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Warli wall in my house

There was a free space available near the crockery unit in my house. I thought of decorating it with my paintings. All of them have Tarpa dance in common.  

About Tarpa dance/ nritya
It is traditional festival warli dance. The dance performances are usually done on moonlit nights. With the musical accompaniment of a wind instrument named Tarpa, the dancers encircle the ‘Tarpakar’ and they dance past mid night. The dance performed by the villagers is a true mirror to their unity and coordination. All the participants join hands and swing in circles while singing themselves.

I have purposely kept irregular, maroon color fabric boarder, which give sort of natural effect to the side paitings. Painting is done on wood, fabric with acrylic colors.

Tree of life

Nature is considered as mother by the Warlis. Trees are central to their lives. In traditional tree of life concept of warli, people are depicted around the tree in a circular manner.
However, I have painted just a warli tree and a little warli Krishna (Hindu God), sitting in the shade of it. Krishna is playing flute and his cow is amused with the music. To give a 'Krishna' effect to this paiting, I have used greenish blue colour bead with glittering 3D outlined to his crown. Cow has a bell in the neck. I have used 3D gloden glitter to highlighten it. Painting is done on bright yellow color fabric with brown acrylic color.
Warli Krishna theme-
For any woman, once she becomes a mother many of her choices in her life gets molded as per the likings of her kid. I was not the exception for the same theory, my daughter is a big fan of little krishna, an animated serial comes daily on cartoon network. Now a days, this krishna time on TV has become a her happy breakfast time. When it comes to her eating, I never do any compromises provided she is eating healthy homemade food. Hence I also started watching little krishna with her. Slowly, even I became a great fan of little krishna. This gave  me an idea about...making Warli Krishna in my paintings! Soon I will post some more warli krishna paintings.   
Dimensions: 30cm H x 35 cm W

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Surya (Sun)

My 3.5 years daughter Harshi is inspiration for the most of my paintings. These days, she loves watching sunset from our apartment terrace. Hence this theme with Surya/ Sun in warli has clicked me.
Surya is the source of life and symbol of happiness. According to vastushastra, it is auspicious to put such high energy paintings in front of the main entrance of the house.
I have drawn this painting using acrylic colors on canvas.
Dimensions: 25cm H x 25 cm W (10"H x 10" W)

Colourful Mayura

This is warli peacock. Peacock represents beauty, royalty and love. In India, it is associated with Goddess Saraswati- the goddess of knowledge and Lord Shri Krishna.
This is painted on light greenish blue color fabric with acrylic colors. Traditionally warli peacock is drawn on earthen colour background with white colour on top of it. However I have used green, blue color combo with mirros to give the feather effect of peacock to this painting.
Dimensions: 25cm H x 25 cm W (10"H x 10" W)