Tuesday, 21 February 2012

First Award :)

Hi Frenz...:)
I feel totally missed out from blog world since some weeks. Reason for the same is also like that...Currently got busy working on some bulk order. This involves modernized warli paintings on cushion covers..:)...I am quite excited, thrilled as something different I am experimenting this time :).......
Today I am posting here, the award..yes First award of my blog....which I have got from my dear blogger friend Viji.
Thank you Viji for my first award :). She has mentioned about it on her blog Post
I am passing this award to three of my blogger friends who have followers less than 200 as mentioned by Viji.


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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Warli Krishna Series2

Valentine day is quite near.....Love is in the air..:)...So how can I miss my lil Krishna enjoying valentine fever without Radha...I have just tried to paint this Divine Couple with all my heart in warli style.

Now a days, Nickelodeon has stopped showing Little Krishna series on TV.  My daughter, Harshi and off course me, both of us missed Krishna so much that we  have ordered Little Krishna DVD from Flipkart ;). From today morning we have started watching whole series of it. I don't know, how come, but the love for Little Krishna gave me such a high dose of strength today, that I did many multitasking jobs today, watching Krishna DVD, making stuffed capsicum for guests, visiting one of my new friend for collecting her painting orders :).

I am mainly focusing on Radha and Krishna in this painting. I am trying to paint warli Radha here :). Warli boys and girls are doing tarpa dance surrounding Radha Krishna on the music of flute played by Krishna.This divine couple is symbol of love, togetherness, comfort, healing, hence I cannot think of any colour other than Red over here.

I have used acrylic colors, mirror bead and 3D-outlining glitter on off-white fabric.
Dimensions: 30cm H x 35 cm W
I am also linking this post in Patty's 'Red is for Love' post.