Monday, 23 January 2012

Warli Krishna Series1

Hello all :). Last weekend I visited my friend Francis's shop Colour Mantra to click the framed painting of mine. This was the long pending task in my mind since month, finally I was able to finish it of. As I promised in my one of the last post Tree of Life about coming back of my lil Warli Krishna :). Yes guys, my visit to Colour Mantra was for those clicks.

In this painting, Warli Krishna is sitting under a tree in different posture and playing a flute. A sequence of Warli girls and boys are playing Dandiya/ Dandiya Raas around him

About Dandiya- It is the traditional folk dance from Vrindavan, India. It is the featured dance of Navaratri evenings in Western India.

I have used peacock feather acrylic colors, mirror bead and 3D-outlining glitter for Krishna effect. 3D- outlining glitter is also used for warli girls' hairsticks and dandiya stick, to give a rich traditional effect.

The painting is drawn on off-white color fabric. All acrylic colors are used in it.
Dimensions: 30cm H x 35 cm W 

I would also like to share some framing gyan which I got from Francis :).

As shown in above pics, framing should be done with MDF kind of board at the backside. It should be framed such that the board at the back should be visible and appear at the back. We can see a small thickness projection appearing from side of the board. This increases longevity of frame and durability of paintings.
So friends did you enjoy Warli Krishna Raas Lila from my painting :)?
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  1. Very nice... Am amazed at the variety that u are bringing in with Warli...

    Btw, are the backboards made of mdf ? I thought they used cork boards for it... Not sure !!! Am actually looking at the right material for the backboard... Will try mdf board


  2. This is gorgeous Aparna!!! Loved every bit of it. As I always say Lord Krishna is one of my finest Muses:) Love anything that has Krishna...and this piece is really unique and cute.
    What's next???

  3. Thanks Patty & Anu :)
    @Somu- Thank u :), I will once again give a call to Francis & verify in details, if you need details of the board.
    @Deepa- Thank u dear :). More Krishna series is coming soon..:)

  4. Gr8 art and the way u painted krishna under the tree was really adorable loved itttt

  5. Thank u Kala :)
    @Somu- As per Francis, the back framing board can be a good quality board but not cheap card board kinda stuff...& main thing is it should be seen from outside as shown in side projection, as generally back board is just not seen from appears just along with frame..I am not sure whether I have answered your doubts..;)..or I made some more confusion..sorry..:)