Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Ugly Duckling- Fusion of Warli & Madhubani

Some time in last days, we visited Oxford bookstore in Bangalore, which is one of the favorite family place for all three of us :). While browsing through the kids section suddenly my eyes went on one book called 'Ugly Duckling'. When I opened it and for few seconds (Harshi's permission for my flashback memories is only few seconds...she will hardly let me be with me for few minutes anywhere :)) I went back to my childhood days.
When I used to get upset with some of friends during playtime or some school stories my aai (mother) used to sing one poem in Marathi called 'Ek vede Rajhans'- a converted story of Ugly Duckling in Marathi. Moral of the story was there used to be a swan staying in the pond of ducks who was unaware of his superior qualities and always used to get upset by a common mob. But in the end he came to know that he is a swan, not one of the common duck :). I bought the book for Harshi. Although it made me read the same story for her during 70 nights ;) afterwards. This gave me swanish idea about making a painting in Madhubani with the pair of beautiful swans :). Love you Harshi, for being always the source of my ideas.
While making of Ugly Duckling, I was painting water lilies and pond trees, which made me to think about making tiny Warli girls and boys :). This is again attached to my another childhood memory and my pappa. He always introduced me to science fiction movies from childhood. One from the list was the famous Walt Disney movie 'Honey, I shrunk the kids'. I Still remember the the smallest inch kids struggling to reach back to their Dad and home. I tried to do the similar kinda drawings of Warli girls and boys playing on the water leaves and flowers :).

So did you guys enjoy the fusion of major of Madhubani and tiny of warli :). Painting is done with acrylics on handmade paper.
Size: 37cm H x 25 cm W
Linking it to Colours Dekor's weekly story and Made with Love-August, Paint party Friday, Artist in Blogland and ABC's Wednesday. Friends do visit them for loads of creations and eye candy s through wonderful paintings, poems and recipes, DIYs :)

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  1. Beautiful painting, Appu :-)

    I love the colorful border, and the small "shrunk" warli boys and girls.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Beautiful blog. I was looking for your contribution of E words in the ABC Wednesday meme. Did I overlook them?

    Have a great Wednesday.
    Wil, ABC Team.

  3. wow, had not thought of the translation of this story being so impactful. nice pieces.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Wow for getting inspired and drawing the story..

  5. Interesting concept.

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  6. Lovely swans and glad your child enjoys the story over and over again!!!! Smart little one.

  7. Gorgeous colours and I love the borders. Happy Creating!

  8. Lovely colours and a great treat for the eyes.

  9. Lovely piece of art Aparna! How very true that our lil ones often become our source of inspiration! Fusion always has a charm I feel. You have merged it beautifully :)

  10. Pretty beautiful. I love this.