Sunday, 12 March 2017

Warli Buddha: A spiritual come-forward

Hello Friends,
After a gap of long four years, I am Back to my creative world :)....rather I should say I am going Forward with creative world....

What did I do during those years?....I prepared for arrival of my younger son Rudransh....who is now four years old. His arrival made my mind, home n family complete. However life is not all about goodies. He was born with certain health issue. This challenge made me strong physically (for taking the best possible care, sleepless nights) n emotionally. However, by God's grace, support of our parents, friends and doctors, he has come out of those danger n alarming signs (such as scary ICU stays in hospital) and now doing good. I must say, God has the best offerings n plans for everyone :) n he never neglects anyone when it comes to blessings......

Today, I am here to share my new creation 'Warli Buddha'. This was long due four years old idea getting executed now.

                             Medium: Acrylics on handmade paper

The Buddha is in meditation posture in above picture. The Buddha is depicted with both hands in the lap and legs are crossed. I have used bright yellow color for background which denotes energy, excitement. I enjoyed making curls of Buddha in this painting the most.

In further post, I would love to explore more with Buddha incorporated in different warli trends.
So how was it? Please put your comments to this post.

Linking it to Paint party Friday.


  1. Very beautiful, Appu re... The colour combination of yellow and orange makes it bright and powerful.

  2. Thanks for inspiring words ruchi :)