Monday, 9 April 2012

Warli Krishna Series4

Last some days, Harshi, my lil one enjoyed reading Ramayana storybook which we got from Oxford house bookshop in last month. I used to read Ramayana for her during bed time for more than a month. Although Ramayana is one of the two great epics of India, reading the same story daily for more than 20 times was too much for me ;). Luckily from last week her divine love for lil Krishna is back in reality. Now a days she is picking up variety of storybook for bedtime other than Ramayana and loves watching Krishna cartoon DVD for sometime :).
As the name of the post suggests, this is related to one more act of my lil warli Krishna. This is painted on cushion cover made up of silk cotton mixed fabric, done for Rakhi's Spinning Wheel about which I have told in my last post.

This is first time, I am introducing Yashoda maiyya (mother of Krishna) in warli style.There are many stories describing Krishna-Leela. One of them is Makhnachor (butter thief) Krishna.

Little words behind Makhanchor Krishna theme 
When Krishna was a child he was very fond of eating butter. So much was the urge that he even used to steal it. One day he was caught red-handed while stealing butter by Yashoda maiyya.
However, I have tried to add more butter to the theme ;) by adding warli Gopika churning butter in big pot, in traditional style. Also Krishna's friend is enjoying eating butter along with him.

I have reused the boarder effect theme as described in one of my post here.

Boarder has Warli Gop, Gopikas, playing Garba dance(traditional folk dance from Gujarat, India) on it.
Stones and 3D glitters are used to give morpankh effect of Krishna and on boarder.
So how was it? Did u guys enjoyed this painting?

I am linking it to Patty's Colours Dekor, first time on Artist in blogland
and ABC Wednesady.

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  1. lil Krishna - that a way to stay in the theme! nice.

  2. This is as usual gorgeous Aparna...Love the concept and very well executed... Happy to see you in Artists in Blogland :)))

  3. oh my!! What a lovely warli.. so well done!! Amazed with the different concepts you use.. and even more impressed by the way they turn out.. You are truly a warli soul!! :))

  4. Thanks Patty :)ur words are always inspiring :)

  5. Hi Aparna,

    Only yesterday my wife and I were discussing Warli art... and I had to show her what I saw here. We really loved the way you have brought the life of Krishna into Warli so creatively. And using it on Cushions is such an amazing idea ! Was always wondering if there could be so much done with Warli... But you are proving me wrong ! Great going !

    1. Thank u Somu for the inspiring words :)