Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Yoggy Yoga@Home

Yea..I just loved the title for this post :) hardly took some sec to click the title :)...'Yoggy Yoga@Home'. Name suggests that it has to do something with Yoga and Home. The work which I am going to share here is inspired by my past post The Green Thumb Yoga. It was one of the order of cushion covers by Rakhi from Spinning Wheel about whom I have wrote in my past posts. Rakhi loved the warli boys doing yoga in that post. She wanted me to use the same theme for four cushion covers which will give kinda ethnic, traditional aura to home furniture. However, I was totally unaware of how to put forward one warli theme with four artwork (although it is cushion cover, for me it is an artwork). I just sat with my colors, brushes and chintu (small) painting table and off course without any clue or rough idea about how to show four cushion covers differently but with the same theme. Ultimately things happened in the flow with below end results :). I loved the making of those cushion covers from nowhere to somewhere.

Finally how they look all together :)......

I would like to share my experience on working with different kinda fabric apart from working with canvas or acrylics friendly cottony fabric. As an artist I was always comfortable working with canvas or hard cotton fabric when it comes to acrylics. However, when I was working with the different materials of cushion covers, it was bit different experience, such as just one or two cotes were just not sufficient for them, material was soaking more of color, spreading of color was not accepted. It was altogether a great learning  and fun for me working with the cotton mixed silk, nylon mixed silk fabric with acrylics.
I am linking it to Colours Dekor's Made with love Party, ABC Wednesday's P is for People and Paint Party Friday.


  1. Nice work Aparna.. it really came out good!!

  2. very colorful and playful !

  3. Interesting technique
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. awesome dear, its looking beautiful & fun..

  5. Yogi Yoga.. how cute is that.. Love the colours you've used.. Brilliant.

  6. Appu re,

    Beautiful cushion covers...
    I love the colors and the way Yoga positions have been depicted :-)

    All the very best :-)


  7. Wow..this is excellent. From where to you buy the base cushion covers ? and which colors have you used ?

    1. thanks Archu :)..I am not sure about from where to buy these cushion this was supplied by one of the client who has ethnic home decor kinda shop in Bangalore...however the covers had silk cotton mixed fabric...& I have used acrylic colors on it which are washable...